OpenCrime Conference “Uncovering the Role of Women in Crime” 2019

In June 2019 we organized a conference with the support of the International Alumni Center of the Robert Bosch Foundation. Here a short description of the event:

Media coverage of crime often focuses on bloody isolated acts. Instead, it should uncover, analyze and make comprehensible larger contexts, trends and social causes relating to crime and the judicial system.

The OpenCrime Conference hosted by the think tank BuzzingCities Lab is a platform to connect investigative journalists and experts from different fields and discuss trends and tools for investigative reporting on crime.

The first edition of the global conference series takes place within the Media Cluster of the Bosch Alumni Network on 24th June 2019 in Berlin and focuses on investigative reporting on the role of women in crime.

The role of women as affected group, as offenders as well as potential changemakers is often overlooked in media and public debates. But the radicalization and prison rates of female offenders are on the rise globally, as well as hate crimes against women in the digital and non-digital realm. Women can also play a vital role in crime prevention and other anti-crime strategies.